Run for East Cooper Meals on Wheels

Are you planning to run a 5k, 10k or marathon? Did you know that you can now fundraise for East Cooper Meals on Wheels through our website? It’s easy and we will even set it up for you!

We rely on community support and donations to fund our programs. Every weekday meal delivered to our over 400 recipients is purchased by East Cooper Meals on Wheels. It takes $4,000 a day to run our facility and provide meals for homebound neighbors. We do not receive any government funding. Your fundraisers and community support is what allows us to serve so many people.

Last year, Allie decided to run in the New York Half-Marathon and fundraise for East Cooper Meals on Wheels. We couldn’t be more thankful! According to Allie, “running for something bigger than yourself or your own personal fitness goal was incredible in so many ways.” Raising money for an organization like Meals on Wheels often makes all your training and hard work even more meaningful. “Not only did I think about and have the excitement to 'carry the torch' for all of the Meals on Wheels direct recipients, but in asking my family and friends to take a financial stake in the effort, I felt like I was carrying my whole world with me,” said Allie.

We couldn’t be more honored have been with Allie, in spirit, as she ran those 13 miles. Running for a cause truly meant a great deal to Allie. “In fact, I drew a map of my half-marathon course and then wrote the names of the 40 or so family/friends who donated to Meals on Wheels at certain points on the map.  The day of the race, I remembered all 40 along the way and thinking of them, and our relationship, distracted me from the hard part of running and carried me over the finish line,” said Allie.

Allie raised $3,000 through her fundraiser. That $3,000 provided for 1,000 meals for homebound neighbors. When you think about that, Allie has truly made a direct impact on her community and those we serve.  “I chose Meals on Wheels for two primary reasons:  knowing that others have the basic need eating met seems so necessary and a responsibility of mine and because I remember that Meals on Wheels in New York City also serviced my homebound grandparents at a particularly needy time for them.  So I never forgot that,” said Allie. East Cooper Meals on Wheels is one of over 5,000 Meals on Wheels chapters nation-wide. It isn’t uncommon for almost everyone you meet to have some sort of personal connection to our mission and the great work that Meals on Wheels does. In 2016, East Cooper Meals on Wheels delivered 148,000 meals to residents of Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Cainhoy and Wando.

After the race, Allie and her son became even more involved with our mission. They took the time to visit our facility and volunteer their time with us. “I think the work the staff and volunteers do on a daily basis is remarkable and so critical.  I would urge everyone to get involved in any way that they could,” said Allie.

We can’t thank Allie enough for thinking of us prior, during and after her race. Her efforts touched the lives of so many people and we hope she has inspired others to consider this form of fundraising. If you plan to run an upcoming race, please consider running for East Cooper Meals on Wheels and providing meals for homebound neighbors.