East Cooper Meals on Wheels is thankful to the students of Christ Our King School for holding a pet food drive! Dogs and cats are excellent companions for the homebound, especially those who live alone, but being on a fixed income can make feeding them a challenge. On an as-needed basis, volunteers deliver donated pet food to recipients. Contact us to learn more about ways you can help. 
Hidden Ponds Nursery, Garden Center and Stone Yard will conduct a fundraiser on our behalf from April 13-15.
Long time East Cooper Meals on Wheels volunteer, Merve Honer, was featured on News2's "Everyday Hero." This clip highlights the importance of volunteers, community generosity, and feeding our neighbors.
Vito Scarafile stopped by East Cooper Meals on Wheels on Dec. 19 with a donation of $200 and several bags of pet food. The 8-year-old boy had previously helped his mom, Julie Scarafile, deliver meals and wanted to know how he could help. Vito discovered one of the organization’s greatest needs was for pet food.
Who doesn’t love a good, old fashioned Sloppy Joe once in a while? They’re fun, messy, and taste great. Kids and adults alike rejoice in harmony when the word “Manwich” shows up on the menu. Here, East of the Cooper, you may literally hear the praises being sung throughout our community on Sloppy Joe day because it was recently identified as the favorite meal of our Meals on Wheels recipients.