he Charitable Society of Charleston members have provided every new East Cooper Meals on Wheels recipient with a comfort and care package since 2014. Each month members bring by large Ziploc bags filled with small gifts and necessities for our recipients. These bags typically include body wash, shampoo, soap, a washcloth, toothpaste, toothbrush, chapstick, a pen and something fun for our recipients to do such as a crossword puzzle. Once we receive these very thoughtful bags, we add our recipient services manager's contact information, information on delivery times and what to do if the recipient needs to change their delivery. We also include instructions on frozen meals and mid-day meals and most importantly a window sticker. These small window sticker have our logo on them. We ask recipients to put this sticker on their front window to makes it easier for volunteers to find their homes.
In February of this year, we partnered with the American Red Cross to ensure that our homebound neighbors have working smoke alarms in their homes. Rachel Hamilton, recipient services manager, informed our recipients that a volunteer from the Red Cross could visit them in their homes, inspect their current alarms and/or install new alarms.
Volunteering with Meals on Wheels creates memories that last a lifetime. Recently, we received a donation from Palmetto Tile Distributors. While speaking the group, we learned that Palmetto Tile Distributors created a program that allowed local business, such as Liollio Architecture, to donate a portion of their purchases to a local non-profit. Elissa, an architect at Liollio immediately thought of East Cooper Meals on Wheels.
We received a call from Carrie Mae, a long time Meals on Wheels recipient, thanking us over and over again for her brand new front door. Carrie Mae called saying, "please tell Rachel how happy I am to have a new door. It's such a pretty door too." A few days earlier Carrie Mae was visited by Richard from Lighthouse Church.
It’s been a little over two years since we started our Healthy Meal Program with the help of Chef Kim Ortega and now Chef Emily Cookson and her team of volunteers at Lowcountry Food Bank.
Did you know that each recipient receives a cake on their birthday? Thanks to two wonderful volunteers, Juanita and Nancy, this is possible. Juanita explained that she and Nancy started baking cakes for East Cooper Meals on Wheels recipients so long ago that she is unsure of how long ago that was. “It actually was Nancy’s idea to stop in East Cooper Meals on Wheels and see if you guys would allow and accept small cakes or breads from us for the people you service,” said Juanita.
A little over a year ago, Millie started to receive meals from East Cooper Meals on Wheels. She never thought that at 56 years old she would be in a position to need someone to help her with anything, especially not preparing her own meals. Millie has always lived an active life.
Dennis received a liver transplant at MUSC on September 8, 2016. This was a major surgery replacing the second largest organ in the human body and taking over 7 hours to complete. With tears in his eyes, Dennis said, “the amazing thing is when you wake up in the hospital afterwards, you wake up in ICU and see all the staples. I had this feeling come over me and I cried because all I could think about was that someone had to give their life so mine could continue. And I can’t imagine how their family feels right now. I hope that they know it went to a good person and I’m thankful for what they gave to me.”
Are you planning to run a 5k, 10k or marathon? Did you know that you can now fundraise for East Cooper Meals on Wheels through our website? It’s easy and we will even set it up for you!
Volunteers, Judy and Kathy, set out on what they thought would be a normal delivery day. When they arrived at the first house on their route, they realized they had forgotten one of the coolers. This particular day was the first Tuesday of the month, which means it was a double delivery, covering that day and the following day with deliveries resuming on Thursday.